Marlene began her burlesque journey inauspiciously, as one does, by taking a Solo Act class with Mynx D'Meanor in September 2017.

Not immediately realizing the seductively addictive power of burlesque, Marlene kept taking classes and debuted in December 2017 at the Fishnet Follies' Garter Room show. It has become her great pleasure to continue on as a performer, learning, advocating, and growing both on stage and off.

Burlesque has taught Marlene the value of her body and sexuality, has taught her to take pride in her own hard work, and has given her a priceless network of amazing friends and fellow performers. She performs around the Bay Area with productions such as the Fishnet Follies' Garter Room show; No Cover Cabaret; NudieNubiesSF; and Hubba Hubba Revue, Uptown Cabaret, Bad Influence Burlesque, and DIVA or DIE.

When not performing, you can find Marlene traveling, reading comics, and getting really excited about Halloween.


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